White Brick Wall Interior Designs

Brick walls and coverings offer a aesthetic and stylish design to your room. There are a variety of colors available but one of the most fitting is white. A few coats of white paint is a popular choice for those who want to preserve the texture of their brick wall but give it a cleaner, more modern look. One advantage of this look, besides its ability to brighten a space, is the way it can help a space feel less busy, blending different elements like bulkheads and window trim (and the ceiling) together for an overall larger and more streamlined effect.

Besides from their elegant and classy looks, white brick walls also allow people to balance light and dark setting in the room. Also there are natural brick walls that turns the look in the place into a healthy and natural. White color can also be combined almost with anything and you can use prints or even plants. Also you can naturally reflect the pattern of your wall with the adjustment in your lightning setup. The house will have a character on its own and that’s why the white brick walls or whitewashing is very popular these days.

Source: Design Trends

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