Full scope design services & on-site design consultations, $30/hr
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Online design services – complete room design package, $100/per room
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Bathroom / Kitchen Remodel ​

Color Consultation 

Design Drawings (Floor Plans, Elevations, Dimensional)

​Design Consultations 

Furniture & Accessory Specifying 

Home Office Design 

Office & Retail Design 

Shopping Services 

Space Planning 

Stone & Tile layouts for surfaces, walls, & floors



Basic Package / Standard Package / Premium Package


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Prior to the commencement of work, the client/s should review the following information:
  • → Supply floor plans, elevations/sections & detail drawings for the proposed project in DWG format.
  • → Supply electrical & reflected ceiling plans if available.
  • → Supply detailed finishes, material and color if available. Swatches or reference images for specified colors and finishes will aid the visualization process.
  • → Supply fixture and fittings specifications. This includes kitchen appliances, taps, mixers, sinks, tubs, toilets, rails etc.
  • → Supply any other relevant reference images i.e. requests for specific furniture pieces, styling accessories, plants or special features to be shown in the renders.
Client submissions will be broken down into 3 stages which will enable clients to provide feedback on various elements of the artwork after each submission.  


If possible, the very best place to meet you is on the proposed space. At this point my focus will be on listening to you and looking for opportunities. I will take photos and maybe some measurements. Maybe you have been planning your project for some time? I look forward to hearing your hopes and aspirations.

Not able to meet in person?
No problem! For many projects it is possible to work with you mobile.


A brief outline will be provided along with with will include the the basis of a fee agreement. I write a detailed document outlining the services you require and summarize your project outline. If everything is acceptable, you will then sign and return the document and the design work can begin!

Concerned About Costs?
This stage is where we agree what you would like done and how much it would cost. Any additional costs will always be agreed in writing first so there are no hidden costs and you can plan ahead. The fee proposal/scope of works document you agree to and sign at this stage will be revised and re-issued throughout the project should there be any change to the services and/or cost. This document forms the contract between myself and you as the client.


Your design will most likely require the input of additional consultants. I will try and anticipate which consultants will be required as early in the project as possible to assist with your project planning. It is important to try and work with other specialists at the right time in the project to ensure cost certainty and an efficient design process.

This list highlights  a list of potential consultants whose input may be required. You would be unlikely to require appointing all of these consultants as it would depend entirely on the character of the site and the complexity and scale of the project.

    • → Licensed Architect
    • → General Contractor (Builder)
    • → Planning Consultant
    • → Mechanical Engineer
    • → Landscaper
    • → Energy Consultant
    • → Engineer
    • → Specialist Contractors or suppliers


The contents of the concept design package will be outlined and agreed in the written brief. It would typically include(s):

  • → Site analysis
  • → Further brief development
  • → Indicative construction and specification information
  • → Plans and perspectives
  • → An idea of materials and finishes
  • → Explanation of the rationale and features of the design


Your design will need your input. Do you like the direction it is going, do you have any questions or concerns? My preference is not only to design for you but with you. This is a good time to revisit the brief and fee agreement to check that everything is on track or make any required adjustments.


3D Visualization

For this process, an indication of materials and some performance criteria to ensure that the contractor has enough information to supply accurate quotation and that the design is executed in a way that reflects the vision of the scheme. Usually detailed design would be required to a level whereby the information produced is sufficient to satisfy the building control officer to grant building regulations approval.

In many cases it may be more suitable to develop the design down to the finer details. This will depend on the priorities of the project and will be fully detailed in the scope of works/fee proposal.


This is a very exciting but potential inconvenient time. I look forward to watching your design emerge and depending on our agreement will be involved as little or as much as you require.


Wow. What a journey. Sit back and enjoy your new space. I always appreciate feedback about the design and the process so do stay in touch and let me know how your design evolves.



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