Free Weekly Desk Planner Printable


Here we are, nearing the end of May 2021. I felt terrible for not updating the blog frequently, although I did  have plans about what to post in this blog. Sorry, like I said, I have not been very productive since I got the fulltime job. Which is fine, sure, but I wish I could have more than 24 hours in one day.

Anyways, here is one of the things I have been meaning to give away for free. I actually started designing this simple weekly desk planner within the first month of lockdown, but it came to a halt because I was not ready confident. But now I am, and I’ve added some combinations of my brush letterings and one background from my other freebie: PATTERNS PACKAGE 1.

Feel free to download this printable and use it for your everyday chores/plans. I myself use this in front of my laptop on my desk, but you can put it anywhere you want! The fridge/wall would also do amazing for these papers.

Cheers for a good start in organizing our days!






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