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DIY: Round Rope Rug

I find myself currently in the midst of an all things round obsession. Round mirrors, round accents, round area rugs…the list goes on. So naturally, when I was putting together the design plan for our front entry I knew we needed a round jute mat. What I did not want, was to pay over $100 for it. So, off to Home Depot I went to pick up supplies to DIY my own. I think it turned out pretty great (if I do say so myself, lol) so if you too love the round rope/jute rug trend but don’t want to spend a fortune, read below to learn how to make one on your own for a fraction of the price!


– Tarpaulin or drop sheet
– Around 200m (220 yards) of Rope (more is better here!)
– Liquid nails (or any super glue)
– Scissors

For the glue, we chose to use liquid nails that we got from the hardware store, mainly because you can get such huge, affordable tubes with the applicator. But you can use any strong style super glue you like. You’re going to need a lot!:)

Step One
Lay the tarpaulin down as this will be the base you will be gluing the rope onto. Start by rolling the rope into a small spiral.

Step Two
Place sections of liquid nail glue around the rope spiral onto the tarpaulin to secure the rope as you wrap it around.

Step Three
Continue until you have created the rug to the size you want. I made mine about 1.5m across. This is going to take some time! I would suggest doing it in batches, half an hour at a time. I think this size took about 4 hours.

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