DIY: Quick Wood and Leather Hat Rack

Home and interior DIY projects are a great place to start in the world of craft if you’re not feeling up to the challenge of crafting your own dress. And something that differs between home and fashion DIYs is that unlike an upstyled skirt, your new ladder wardrobe or hanging shelves are out in the open for you to admire as you walk to and from the fridge. One of the things about home projects is that they can feel daunting if you have to pick up a drill (although trust me, it’s not as hard as it looks!), so something super easy that takes only a few minutes like this coat rack is the perfect place to whet your appetite for home improvement.


– 4 or 5 dowels (these are pretty much broom stick handles and can be bought at your local hardware store.)
– a length of leather cord
– scissors

Step One
Start by holding your dowels all together and arranging them into a teepee shape crossing them over about a foot down from the top so you have somewhere to hand your hat and bag.

Step Two
Once you’ve got your shape organised (and yes it’s a bit awkward and you’ll probably drop them a few times but whatever), start wrapping with your leather cord.

Step Three
Wrap around and around until making sure to do it tightly until you’ve secured them all together. You want to make sure they all stayed crossed over as you do this.

Step Four
Once you’ve finished wrapping, tie off the cord and snip and extra you don’t need. Hide the ends of the cord inside the wrapping. You’ll notice the cord has a small amount of give in it allowing you to adjust the angles of the dowels if you need to. And that’s it, all done!

Source: A Pair and Spare

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