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If you’re looking for a creative and functional way to upcycle an old ladder, a ladder shelf may be just the project for you. This unique shelf style utilizes both sides of the ladder, with wooden pieces added over the rungs to create a sturdy and spacious shelving unit. Not only is this a great way to repurpose an old ladder, but it also provides a practical storage solution for your home.

One of the benefits of using a ladder shelf is that it gives you a lot of shelf space without taking up too much floor space. Plus, the ladder design allows you to adjust the height and spacing of the shelves to suit your needs. This makes it a great option for small spaces or for those who want to maximize their storage potential.

Another advantage of the ladder shelf is its stability. Because each shelf is supported by two rungs on either side, it is less likely to tip over or wobble than other types of ladder shelves that only use one side of the ladder. This added stability can give you peace of mind when storing heavier items on your shelves.

To create your own ladder shelf, all you need is an old ladder, some wood pieces to fit over the rungs, and a few basic tools. You can customize the size and style of your shelves to fit your decor and storage needs. For a rustic look, you can leave the ladder and wood shelves unfinished, or you can paint or stain them to match your existing decor.

Overall, a ladder shelf is a great DIY project that combines form and function. By repurposing an old ladder, you can create a unique and practical shelving unit that adds character and storage space to your home.


  • a ladder
  • pine planks cut to incremental sizes (I went for two at 1.2m (48 inches), then 1m (40 inches), 80cm (30 inches) and 60cm (23 inches) for the top)
  • L brackets (2 x the number of planks you have)
  • Screws
  • drill

Step One
Stand your ladder up where you want it to sit in your house. It’s easier to be sure of the location before you build it.

Step Two
Slide all the pine planks onto the cross beams of the ladder, making sure to stagger the size as you go up.

Step Three
Press the L brackets up against the ladder cross beam and the plank.

Step Four
Use your drill to secure the L brackets.

Step Five
Fill your shelves up with your favorite pieces!

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