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DIY: Ladder Shelves

This ladder shelf uses both sides of an old ladder, with wood pieces added over the rungs. This shelf style is great because it gives you a lot of shelf space, and having each shelf on two rungs gives it stability that other ladder shelves may not have.


– a ladder
– pine planks cut to incremental sizes (I went for two at 1.2m (48 inches), then 1m (40 inches), 80cm (30 inches) and 60cm (23 inches) for the top)
– L brackets (2 x the number of planks you have)
– Screws
– drill

Step One
Stand your ladder up where you want it to sit in your house. It’s easier to be sure of the location before you build it.

Step Two
Slide all the pine planks onto the cross beams of the ladder, making sure to stagger the size as you go up.

Step Three
Press the L brackets up against the ladder cross beam and the plank.

Step Four
Use your drill to secure the L brackets.

Step Five
Fill your shelves up with your favorite pieces!

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