DIY: Geometric Photo Display

I’ve been thinking a long time about how I wanted to decorate the walls of our hallway. I have been loving all of the geometric design lately so I wanted to make something for my wall

to hang pictures on that had that look. I came up with a few sketches and went about implementing how I wanted to put them on my wall.

The first thing I did was put my sketch on the wall. Next, I put in a nail everywhere there is a turn or cross section. Then, I erased my lines and painted the nails to match the wall.

After that I made a direction chart on my sketch. I didn’t want any double lines and as few starts and stops as possible. It was a bit of a puzzle but I actually enjoyed working it out.

Once I had my directions down I went to the wall.

I didn’t want to do the this in string or yarn since I wanted it to look more like wire. I found some bronze colored stretchy jewelry cord that was perfect, and ended up also buying some braided rope for a second photo holder.

And viola!

Source: THe Cadwell Project

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