DIY: Easy Bulletin Board

You may have spent the summer enthusiastically pinning ideas to make your life more functional but the season is ending and your home is still sadly in need of a refresh. Just in time for school to go back in session, we’ve rounded up some fun — and functional — ideas to turn any cluttered area into a command center, provide a catch-all for papers that you need to keep handy or to simply cultivate your creativity. Below is an easy DIY Bulletin Board for your room of office spaces.

Plywood (cut to desired size)
Self-adhesive cork roll
Rubber Bands
Thumb Tacks or
Furniture Tacks

Step 1: Cut the cork to size (I left about an inch border around mine), then peel off the back and stick it on

Step 2: Add thumbtacks in the corners, basically for decorative purposes, and I tried the thumbtacks, but you can see from the final pictures. For a more vintage, rustic looking, use furniture tacks.

Step 3: Finally, just put the rubber bands on wherever you want them. I liked them kind of messy and effortless looking–and by “effortless,”.

Source: My Fabulous Life

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