DIY: Hanging Entryway Organizer

Living in a small space can be a little bit demoralising when it comes to decorating – all that amazing inspiration you see in magazines or on Pinterest most often relies on big, open plan spaces and can be a little unrealistic for a small apartment or dorm room.

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DIY: Minimalist Dining Table

Minimalist style for dining room is always a good idea. Dining room need to be quiet place with good lighting. If you are fan of minimalist style this idea is right for you. Minimalist dining room are characterized by simple elegance and pleasant feeling while eating.

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DIY: Round Rope Rug

I find myself currently in the midst of an all things round obsession. Round mirrors, round accents, round area rugs…the list goes on. So naturally, when I was putting together the design plan for our front entry I knew we needed a round jute mat. What I did not want,

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DIY: Ladder Shelves

This ladder shelf uses both sides of an old ladder, with wood pieces added over the rungs. This shelf style is great because it gives you a lot of shelf space, and having each shelf on two rungs gives it stability that other ladder shelves may not have.

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DIY: Quick Wood and Leather Hat Rack

Home and interior DIY projects are a great place to start in the world of craft if you’re not feeling up to the challenge of crafting your own dress. And something that differs between home and fashion DIYs is that unlike an upstyled skirt, your new ladder wardrobe or hanging

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DIY: Hairpin Wood Bench

As recent transplants to the land of trees, a.k.a. the Pacific Northwest (PNW), I was giddy with excitement to see a couple local saw mills offer raw edge wood slabs on the cheap. They never seem to have slabs big enough for a big dining table, but I couldn’t help but snatch up a few smaller cedar slabs to use for things like this bench!

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