2020 April Modern Minimalist Calendar

Hello April! I can’t believe how fast time flies (I’ve been saying this a lot recently). It makes me wonder if I have lived as fully as I can despite all the downsizes and struggles of living during COVID-19. It makes me look back at my younger self, wondering if my past goals have been achieved or if my dreams are still valid. It makes me wonder if I should let go my past ambitions and create new ones.

The answer is still, I don’t know. Until then, let’s enjoy the present, even if quarantine aside with the rest of the world! I guess it’s fine drifting a bit from our plans and let the new journey take you.

I’m introducing our new set of modern minimal style printable 2020 calendar and monthly planners. I decided to go ahead and made the full 12 months, becuase why not! There are 4 different designs. Enjoy.



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